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In addition to yoga, meditation and gentle gymnastics courses, Françoise Dully offers walks in the meadows and woods around  Monteggio and Sessa, to find out how to identify, select and gather wild plants and then cook and taste them all together.

"Delicious Weeds"

We offer a walk with Françoise Dully in the meadows and forests around Monteggio and Sessa.
During this short trip, we discover how to recognize, select and pick wild plants to cook and taste all together at "LA NAVE B&B" .
From 14.00 to 21.00, Cost CHF 60.00, dinner included.



L a Nave” of Monteggio holiday centre i strategically located in an area of outstandind beauty, with numerous walking paths described in a variety of guides. Destinations to explore include Monte Lema with its chairlift, The Path of Marvels of Novaggio and varius regional markets such as Ponte Tresa and Luino.
“La Nave” is surrounding by nature but is only five minutes from the frontier customs post of Cremenaga and hence Italy.   Ponte Tresa and Luino are also five minutes away by car, whereas Lugano ( Switzerland) and Varese (Italy) are a half-hour drive. Starting from right in front of “La Nave” bed and breakfast property, guests can explore the “sentiero dell’acqua ripensata”, but not only this ...

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